Problems and solutions

Why is our mascot an octopus, you ask?  

Well, because you are an octopus.  

And because if you're ever having a moment of self-doubt, or if you're feeling defeated, or if some problem of yours feels impossible to solve, I want you to think of the octopus.  What would the octopus do?  Would he curl up in the fetal position and hope the problem goes away?  Would he say, Screw it; I'm just gonna play Guitar Hero?  Would he throw in the towel?  


Check this guy out*:

To review: this octopus is out of the water, stuck on the floor of a boat with no obvious escape route, and surrounded by hecklers. Things are looking less than great, no?  But does our hero cry and whine to his captors?  Does he call in a favor?  Does he accept defeat and give up?  

Nope.  He hangs in there and he figures out a solution, and then he fights for it until he––against the odds––succeeds.  That's called grit, and it makes all the difference.  We're all on the floor of a boat surrounded by hecklers sooner or later.  And when those moments arise, we would do well to recall the staunch and cunning octopus.  


* Let's just all agree to ignore the obnoxious wedding dress remark in the background, ok?