College Application Essays

Are you applying to college?  Then you've got essays to write.

Academic writing tutoring, coaching, and assistance for the college application essay. 

The dry facts of your application can't possibly tell the whole story of who you are.  Grades, test scores, and all the other gritty details are important, but when your application is on the admissions table, it's your essay that is very often the deciding factor. To give yourself the best possible shot, you'll want to make sure your application is accompanied by a compelling essay that is not only structured and focused, but also distinctive, authentic, and thoroughly you.   

I offer individual coaching and summer workshops to help you compose a well-polished essay that will get the attention of admissions committees.  From brainstorming topics to making certain that every last comma is in the right place, I will guide you through the process of writing an essay that speaks to who you truly are.

Write an essay you'll be proud of.


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