Holistic academic coaching helps students to grow into their own competent selves.  Unlike some tutors who focus on grades and scores alone, I work with students to feel strong and capable and to cope gracefully with life's blows.

What ages do you work with?

Most of my students are of middle school, high school, or college age.  I also work with adults who are pursuing educational goals later in life or who are looking for help with executive skills.




I'm a student.  How do I know if academic coaching is the right fit for me?

First of all, bravo to you for looking into it!  You're taking the reins of your own education, which is a huge predictor of success in academics (and beyond).  Are any of the following true for you?

  • You want to know if there's a way to get more out of your education.
  • You want to learn more or better, or you want to tweak your study skills.
  • You find yourself procrastinating and doing your academic work late or at the last minute.
  • You feel anxious in class.
  • You feel overwhelmed by school.
  • Your performance is being criticized by parents or teachers.
  • Your performance is being praised by parents and teachers...but you [secretly] live in terror of faltering. 
  • You don't know how to get the support you need from your teachers.
  • You're swamped with academic work.
  • It's pretty much impossible to balance school, extracurriculars, your social life, and everything else.
  • You're taking about five hundred AP classes and it's, um, maybe a bit much.
  • Writing assignments (or essay-based exams) fill you with dread.
  • A big paper or project is looming.  (And it's due...this week?!)
  • You're in the midst of a transition at school or in your life.
  • You've got the SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject tests coming up.
  • You're facing the formidable task of choosing, applying to, and getting into colleges.

If any of the above sound familiar, academic coaching can help.  You can handle this, and I'm here to help you prove it to yourself.  Academic coaching will help you tackle the problems you are immediately facing, but it will also teach you essential skills to carry you into the future, confident, self-reliant, and capable.


I'm a parent.  How do I know if academic coaching is right for my student?


Is your student stressed out?  Is your student stressing you out?  You're not alone!

Most middle- and high-schoolers are under enormous pressure to perform academically–and often in athletics, the arts, and/or other areas as well.  And most of the time, they could use more support than they're getting.  


You may notice that:

  • your student is stressed out, anxious, or flustered.
  • schoolwork is unreasonably challenging and/or grades are suffering.
  • your student is lacking confidence in school, whether grades are high or low.
  • even though grades are no problem, your student is showing signs of being somehow unsatisfied or out of balance.
  • your student does well in school, but seems to be fearful of new challenges, or has difficulty coping with mistakes and setbacks. 
  • your student finds his or her coursework dull, or simply seems uninspired by school. 
  • your student's life seems lopsided: not enough attention to academics–or not enough attention to anything else.
  • motivation is low, or your student seems lackluster.
  • the college admissions process is feeling overwhelming to you and/or your student.
  • your family life is being negatively impacted by academics, or by the college admissions process.


I can help.  Academic coaching will help your student to find his or her equilibrium and to build skills that will equip him or her to face challenges in academics and learning, now and in the future.  My goal is to free you up to be the parent you want to be, and leave the academic worries to me.  


Do you coach students who aren't struggling in school?  

Absolutely.  You don't have to have sinking grades to benefit from the guidance, support, and resources that an academic coach can provide!  Top athletes work with coaches; top students do, too.

Students who are already doing really well in school (or homeschool) can still reap huge rewards from academic coaching.  Maybe her grades are excellent, but her stress level is through the roof.  Maybe he could use some help finding a healthier balance between academics and the rest of life.   Maybe there's something he would like to take on that's not offered at school.  Maybe she needs some support and sensitivity from someone who understands and appreciates young people.  As an academic coach, the heart of what I do is to connect with students.  I am passionate about the life of the mind and I see a lot more than just grades.  What are your goals?  I would love to talk to you.


Do you offer coaching for the college admissions process?


You bet.  If there's one thing that's pretty much guaranteed to drive both parents and students crazy, it's the College Admissions Gauntlet.  Whether you're at the beginning or somewhere in the midst of it all, whether you're a traditional high school junior or senior or a non-traditional student, I offer individual coaching, group coaching, essay-writing workshops, and more to help you get through the process with confidence.

Read more here about college admissions coaching.



Do you work with homeschool students?  

I love to work with homeschoolers and other non-traditional students.  (In fact, I got my start in academic coaching by working with homeschool students.)  Your family may be committed to homeschooling long-term, or it could be that your student will be out of school only for a little while. You may be an old hat at homeschooling, or it may be new and unfamiliar territory.  Homeschooling looks a little different for each student and family.  My approach is entirely flexible and will be adapted to your specific needs.  

My style as an academic coach prioritizes the personal connection with each student, and strong mentoring relationships tend to emerge.  Many homeschool students (and their parents) have reported that this is the strongest advantage of working with a coach.

In addition to academic coaching, I offer subject tutoring in Latin and ancient Greek, classical geometry, German, and writing, any of which can be combined with coaching or pursued independently.   


I have a specific project in mind for myself or my student.  Can you guide me/us? 

I love to collaborate with students on independent study projects of all sorts.  Please get in touch so we can discuss your ideas!  

Independent study projects I have done with past students include: translating Plato • the poetry of Langston Hughes • beginning Latin grammar • the history of the Calculus • translating the Gospel of John • fantasy fiction writing •  the art of the personal essay • the birth of algebra • historical interviewing • Euclidean geometry • phyla and taxonomy • German poetry • Greek tragedy • marsupials • Shakespeare • Montaigne • the art of the short story  •  [and more]


Do you work with college students?

Yes!  When you're making the transition to college life, academic coaching can be indispensable.  I can help you to define your goals, set priorities, manage your time, and find your equilibrium.  

Throughout your college years, academic coaching can help you to grow into your potential, make smart educational decisions, troubleshoot problems, build academic skills, find your groove, and maintain life balance. 

No matter what stage of your education you're in, you may sometimes feel you're floundering.  You may feel as if you lack confidence.  You may feel overwhelmed.  I can help you to develop the skills and strategies you need to overcome anxiety, find your equilibrium, and feel more competent and composed.  

Many college students struggle to get all of their reading and writing done.  If this feels like an issue for you, I will work with you to develop techniques and strategies to read and write more efficiently and effectively–without losing your sanity.  


What if I just need help with writing?

Writing is a major part of academic life, and it's frequently a place where students find they get stuck.  If you're feeling tormented by the writing process, coaching can help you to develop an approach that works for you.  Read more about writing assistance here.